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Since the beginning of operations in 1999, SMA has dedicated itself to manufacturing high quality coated abrasive products to meet the needs of our customers.

We take care of every step of our processes to meet the demanding standards of our customers’ projects, which is why we are now the largest manufacturer of wide, narrow, segmented and non-woven belts in Mexico.

SMA produces other specialty products including laminated flap discs, self-adhesive and hook and loop discs, waterproof paper sheets, cloth abrasive sheets, quick change discs, and flap wheels, among others.

At SMA we have a clear goal: to be known as the best quality converter of abrasive products with the best service in the market, always employing a corporate strategy focused on our customers, and offering a wide variety of specialized products for the metalworking, woodworking, aeronautics and automotive industries.


Abrasives Sma History

SMA Abrasives USA LLC was founded on 2017 as an affiliate of SMA Abrasives Corporation S.A. de C.V., the largest abrasives converter in Mexico, and it is the exclusive representative of SMA in the United States and Canadian markets.


SMA Abrasives Corporation S.A. de C.V. formerly known as VSM Abrasives S.A. de C.V. was incorporated as a joint venture between the German company VSM (Verenigte Schmirgelund Maschinen-Fabriken AG) and Mexican investors. From its inception to the present day, SMA has continually expanded and developed its facilities to become the largest abrasives converter in Mexico. SMA has the most modern machinery for the conversion of coated abrasives and surface conditioning specialties.

SMA Abrasives Corporation is now wholly owned by the original Mexican joint venture partners.

Over the last 5 years, SMA has tripled its investment in machinery and plant infrastructure with the objective of offering the best abrasive products in the industrial market with the best available service. SMA now offers products in the U.S. and foreign markets thanks to the competitive means and infrastructure developed over the last several years.

  • September 2016 – Due to our growth we change our image to sma, with which we have the mission of being the largest manufacturer of abrasive products in Mexico.
  • September 2015 – We make the biggest investment in modernization of our production system. Expanding our range of specialized products.
  • October 2012 – We invest in new automated production machines for the manufacture of laminated and specialized discs.
  • September 2008 – We moved to san luis potosi and we built the plant to serve the whole country
  • January 1999 – We start operations in the city of mexico


Being a company that provides innovation and excellent quality in abrasive products, providing high performance in each of our lines and allowing our customers to reduce costs and optimize processes.


To be the leader in the market of abrasives for the industry in our country, becoming the main manufacturer of abrasive products, distinguished in providing excellent service to our customers.

SMA Abrasives

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